Exterior Vehicle Care Tips

Exterior Vehicle Care Tips

Harsh weather conditions can do a damper on your vehicles’ exterior finish. Let’s take a look at simple auto care tips on how to prevent your paint job from fading.

According to an article at geico.com, “Auto Care Tips”

car3“Start with a good coat of wax, then be on the lookout for these common problems:

Parking Under A Tree

Trees may provide shade, but they also produce sap and can drop twigs or branches on your car on a windy day. Your best defense is to make sure the paint is waxed. If you find tree sap on your paint, get some bug and tar remover from your auto parts store to dissolve it. Then, rinse and wax the area again to remove any residue.

Another Hazard From Above
Without going into the science of bird droppings and their reactions with paint, you can just trust us that it can wreak havoc. When a bird mistakes your vehicle for a giant portable toilet, the best thing you can do is remove it quickly. A wet cloth will usually do the trick, but be careful to wipe with a lifting motion so that you don’t grind it into the paint.

At The Gas Pump
You know the gas station rules: No smoking at the pump and don’t touch anything in the restroom (although that’s more of an unwritten rule.) But spilled gasoline isn’t just a safety hazard, it can cause long-term harm to your paint.
To prevent stains and rust, avoid topping off your tank, and clean up any accidental drips immediately.” To read the entire article click here.

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