Don’t Get Scammed from a Less Then Reputable Auto Body Shop

Did you recently get into an auto accident? If you’re debating whether to get the car repaired or get a new vehicle. Here are tips on how to avoid an auto body shop that may take you to the bank.

According to an article at bankrate.com, “What to Avoid from an Auto Body Shop”

“Be wary of any shop that offers to save you your deductible. Consider it a red flag when a shop is offering to waive your deductible if the repair is going through your car insurance company. The profit margin on auto body shop repairs is not very large, typically less than 10 percent, so there’s not much wiggle room within the quote. A shop that is willing to waive the deductible is most likely either going to pad the quote to the insurance company or cut corners on the job, and it’s unlikely you’ll know which one.

Review the estimate carefully before moving forward, and compare it to the final repair statement later. When an auto body shop writes an estimate, the standard procedure is to create a line item for each aspect of the job that has a cost associated with it. It’s relatively easy for a shop to pad the estimate with tasks that may or may not be absolutely necessary. For example, if a body shop is repairing the front fender of your car, one auto body shop may opt to remove the front bumper and hood (the adjacent parts), while another may choose to tape them over to protect them while making the repair. It’s possible either method could work in repairing the damage, but the taping is going to cost less than removing the adjacent body parts.” To read the entire article click here.

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