Does Your Vehicle Need Dent Repair in Reno

Even being the best driver on the road accidents do happen. Some accidents of course are worse than others so, when you need to find an auto body shop in Reno lean about the difference in collision damage.

According to an article at superpages.com, “Different Types of Auto Body Repair

“Because cars and trucks have so much mass, the force they generate even at low speeds can cause damage to your vehicle or someone else’s. Regardless of whether the collision is between two moving vehicles, a moving vehicle and a stationary vehicle or a vehicle and another stationary object, there is a strong likelihood of damage. The type of collision auto repair you will need depends on the severity of the collision and the damage.

Paintless dent repair

If you are fortunate, your auto collision will only dent a metal panel on your car without damaging the paint. If that happens then paintless dent repair will get your vehicle back to its original condition. Along with being less expensive than collision auto repair that also requires repainting, paintless dent repair also has the convenience of being a mobile service. Only a few tools are needed for a technician to work the dent out from the inside, so you can have your car repaired at home or at your place of employment.

Severe dent repair

For more serious collisions that damage your paint as well as the shape of the panel, you will need to go to a paint and body repair shop. They will need to remove the panel, strip it, reshape it, and repaint it. Paint and body shops have color matching technology that will allow them to repaint your panel in the exact shade as the rest of your vehicle. If the panel is damaged to the point where they have to replace it, a paint and body repair shop can get factory original parts.”

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