Does Your Vehicle Have Frame Damage?

Does Your Vehicle Have Frame Damage?

Does Your Vehicle Have Frame Damage?

Did you know even a minor accident could affect the frame on your vehicle? Let’s take a look at the importance of bringing your vehicle into an auto body shop after an accident even if you see no damage.

accidentAccording to an article at insidehalton.com, “The Importance of Auto Body Services”

“The frame will affect how your car handles and also can impact the safety in case of another accident. It is a good idea to have a complete check at an auto body shop following an accident to ensure the damages are caught to keep your car handling well as well as protect you properly in the case of a roll over or other accidents.

Frame straightening: Newer models of cars have frames and uni-bodies that have been designed to withstand flexing, bending, and crushing with more control than older models. This maintains more control over the way your vehicle can be damaged during an accident. These new models will allow your vehicle to absorb the impact more effectively and will minimize injuries to the driver and passengers. However, if your frame is misaligned during a collision, it can affect the integrity of the frame and lead to far more serious damage to the car and its passengers.

Modern repairs: When you bring your car into a body shop with access to the latest technology they will be able to make sure your car is perfectly aligned for safety and integrity.” To read the entire article click here.

A1 Body Shop strives to make sure that every vehicle that leaves the shop is the utmost safety before it hits the road again. To speak to an auto body expert contact A1 Body Shop at 775-348-0908 or visit A1BodyShopRV.com.

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