Do You Know Your Rights When it Comes To Auto Body Repairs?

Choosing an auto body shop can be a challenging if you don’t know what to look for in a quality auto body shop in Reno. Did you know that your insurance company can’t tell you what shop to use for auto body repairs? The law clearly states that it’s your choice not your insurance.

According to an article at diamondcertified.org, “Who’s Decision is it For Auto Body Repairs?

“Whether the auto collision was your fault or not, you have the right to choose which auto body repair shop that repair your vehicle after a car crash. Most insurance companies have agreements, known as DRP or direct repair programs, with collision repair facilities. So your insurance company may recommend a repair shop. But the final decision is always yours.

Choosing a shop from your insurance broker’s list might seem like a convenient alternative to researching and choosing a shop on your own. But this is one decision where information is key!

Why? Insurance companies often enforce strict limits on the repairs done at DRP shops. These limits may cause the shop to cut corners in the quality of the replacement parts and the time they spend on the repairs. If you choose the wrong shop, even if it’s one that’s been recommended, you can end up getting an inferior repair job.

Remember, it’s essential that you choose a qualified automotive body repair shop for collision repairs for your car, truck or mini-van. This avoids conflict and can preserve the value of your vehicle. Incorrect body damage repairs are often not reversible, devaluing your vehicle and compromising your safety. If you hire the wrong body repair center and another shop can restore the damage they’ve done, you’ll probably have to pay for additional body repairs out-of-pocket since car insurance companies rarely pay for the same repairs twice.”

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