Do You Have These Key Items in the Case of Fender Bender in Reno?

Do You Have These Key Items in the Case of Fender Bender in Reno?

For individuals that have been in a minor fender bender know too well that it can be a traumatic event. The key to getting through any fender bender is the preparation. Here are tips on what every driver should have in their vehicle.

car5According to an article at ameriprise.com, “What You’ll Need in the Case Your involved in an Auto Accident”

“Keep These Items In Your Vehicle

Fender benders can be scary things—especially if you’ve never experienced one before and are unsure what to do. We’ve put together this list of things to keep in your car and tips to keep in the back of your mind to help cope when the unexpected happens.

The right attitude: In the event of any accident, your first priority needs to be the people involved—make sure everyone is alright. Call 911 if necessary. Then, calmly assess your next steps and gather information from everyone involved.

  • Proof of insurance: Most states require drivers to carry minimum car insurance policies in case of an accident and some require proof of insurance in the event of accidents or traffic stops. For this reason, you’ll want to keep proof of your insurance in your car at all times. Insurance cards also have useful information, such as the number to call to file a claim and your policy number and vehicle information—things you’ll need to know and share with the other driver(s) involved in an accident to file or respond to a claim.
  • Contact cards: Keep a few business cards or note cards with your contact information on them handy in the event of an accident to quickly share with others involved—they, or their insurance company, will likely need to contact you.” To read the entire article click here.

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