Do You Have Auto Body Damage to Your Frame in Reno?

Have you ever back out of a tight spot and all of sudden WHAM you hit a pole? Not a fun thing! Now you have to find a Reno auto body shop to repair the damage. Learn why you should always have any dent or auto body damage repaired as soon as possible.

According to an article at articlesbase.com, “ Collision Repair Center”

“This could be caused by the frame on the vehicle being bent. Often, this type of damage can be over looked or repaired improperly. If you think your vehicle may have a bent frame due to a collision you may want to seek auto repair services as soon as possible.

One sign your frame is not in proper positioning is misalignment after an accident. For example, if you are driving and you have to pull the steering wheel more to the left or the right to make your vehicle go straight this could be an indication that the frame of your vehicle is bent and needs auto body repair. Another sign your vehicle’s frame is bent is accelerated tire wear. If after an accident you find yourself replacing tires more then you did before, you may want to have a repair shop check to see if your frame is in proper shape.

The danger of not having this type of auto repair it can vary. For example, if the frame is bent it could have structural issues that may not hold the weight of the vehicle over a period of time. This could be very dangerous because your car frame is what the large components of your vehicle are bolted to, such as the suspension and engine. If your frame is bent or cracked it may be unable to hold these parts in proper position for a long period of time.

Another issue a bent or cracked vehicle frame can cause is lower gas mileage. Lower gas mileage from a bent frame is caused by the vehicle’s tires being misaligned or crooked, making the vehicle work harder to do things such as accelerate.”

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