Distracted Driving and Auto Collisions in Reno

Owning a vehicle makes life easier and most individuals take pride in owning a vehicle. It’s the responsibility behind the wheel that can stress anyone out. With all the distractions and gadgets on the market how do you avoid an auto collision in Reno?

According to an article at minorwreck.com, “How To Avoid an Auto Collision

“Of course we all love our cars.  They’re a representation of our personalities.  They’re a symbol of our success and hard work.  And sometimes they may even get you a date.  So why would you risk doing damage to such a valuable asset?

Distracted drivers have been an issue since man first put the wheel on the cart.  All of us are guilty of looking away from the road to change the 8-track tape or to calm the crying baby.  New cars these days are full of time-saving options that allow drivers to stay connected and tap into their online services (email and social media sites) while they are on the go.  Cell phone use is no longer the main form of distraction behind the wheel – Twitter updates, news feeds, GPS positioning and Facebook statuses all draw our attention away from the road.

This kind of distraction has become such a problem, the use of handheld phones is banned in 13 states; ANY cell phone use is banned for learner and intermediate licenses in Iowa and 30 other states, and texting is illegal for ALL drivers in 37 states, including Iowa.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration held hearings in March regarding its proposed voluntary guidelines aimed at minimizing distractions of built-in car navigation and technology systems. One of their suggestions is technology that disables in-car phone, texting, emailing and Web surfing capabilities unless the car is parked, and other technology is in the works to lock these handheld SmartPhone options while driving.

All of this great technology makes us love and live in our cars now more than ever.  We all are guilty of doing more than driving from time to time, but no email or text is worth the dents, dings, scratches – OR WORSE – that can occur from driving distracted.  Although we CAN and we LOVE TO do your minor auto body repairs, let’s drive safe out there!”

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