Custom Auto Body Repairs in Reno

So, who wants to discuss rust? Many of us think who has to deal with rust well unfortunately we still have this problem occurring. Auto body shops in Reno and Sparks area are well aware of this issue. Auto body shop technicians are well trained and experienced in repairing vehicles damaged by rust.

According to an article at customab.com, “The Ugly Truth Behind Rust”

“In the past two decades the auto manufacturing process has improved and strengthened the finish on cars and trucks so that rust seems almost a thing of the past. Rarely do we see a vehicle with rusted out fenders or bumpers.

It almost never occurs to us to have our vehicle rust proofed.  After all – why bother? Rust has gone the way of transistor radios; a thing of the past.

Not so.

Corrosion Caused by Road Deicers is a Serious Threat

The manufacturing process has changed but so has the way towns and municipalities are deicing their roads. Auto repair shops are seeing resurgence in rust due to the chemicals used to keep roads clear of ice and snow.

Road salt or sodium chloride was commonly used to keep roads free from ice however, in recent years, the chemicals used to protect the roads have changed. More cities are now using Calcium chloride or Magnesium chloride, two chemicals that work before and during ice and snow storms to prevent ice from forming or to quickly clean roads for drivers’ safety.

These chemical adhere to the surface and continue to work slowly to keep roads clean. Good for the roads, bad for your car.  Any vehicle with an undercarriage lower than 43” is susceptible to having road deicers splash back and adhere to your car. So unless you are climbing a ladder to enter your car or van, your vehicle is at risk.”

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