Collision Repair Specialist in Reno

Searching for an auto body shop that can get the job done right? Learn how you wouldn’t just take your vehicle to an auto repair shop, but why you would only take it to an auto body specialist.

According to an article at eHow.com, “Specialized Auto Body Repair

Auto body repair technicians are responsible for removing dents in vehicles, straightening bent car parts and replacing parts that are beyond repair. They also refinish car bodies and sometimes replace glass components. Auto body repair technicians can work alone or on a team, where the more experienced technicians supervise apprentices. Technicians work on all size vehicles. Another name for auto body repair technicians is collision repair technician.

A person with a high school diploma or GED can often get a job as an auto body repair technician, but will then be required to get more specialized training. Advanced training is required in order to work on newer vehicles.

Mathematics, chemistry, physics, computers and electronics are classes that auto body repair technicians should pursue. All auto body repair technicians should be able to read and write English, because manuals and courses are most often written in this language.”

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