Clarification on Auto Body Repairs in Reno Nevada

Was today just one of those days and then you contact your insurance company and it just didn’t go well. Did your insurance company instruct you to choose a different auto body shop for repairs?

According to an article at elkodaily.com, “Insurance Questions Regarding Auto Body Repair” 

“Insurance companies may tell you that they do not have an adjuster in the area and to expedite your claim you need to go to their preferred shop. This is just another way for them to steer you towards their shop. In actuality, any licensed body shop can look at your vehicle, write an estimate, photograph the damage and upload it to the insurance company for their review.

I would also like to point out that all of the auto body shops in this area guarantee their repairs. Under Nevada Law NRS 690B it clearly states:

No. 1: An insured or a claimant under a policy of insurance may have repairs to a motor vehicle made at the licensed body shop of the insured or claimant’s choice.

No. 2: An insurer of motor vehicles or a representative of the insurer shall not require an insured or a claimant to patronize any body shop in this state in preference to another.” To read the entire article click here.

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