Can You Trust Your Auto Body Shop in Reno?

When searching for an auto body shop, who do you think has your best interest? Learn how a reputable auto body shop have your best interest in the long run.  

According to an article at thesimpledollar.com, “Auto Body Service

“If you’ve been in an accident, it’s important to know that auto body shops have your best interests in mind – and the same goes for doctors. Unfortunately, some body shops and doctors – the ones that tend to favor insurance companies – will routinely downplay claims, minimize auto repair costs, use cheap parts, or even neglect to fully treat ailments. These practices can devalue your vehicle or prevent you from a full recovery following an injury.

To the left is a quick guide to establishing whether a doctor or auto body shop is truly independent, or if they’re really in the back pocket of the insurer. Protect you and your wallet by printing out TSD’s, “How to Sniff Good and Bad Service Providers.”

Auto Damage Claims

This section provides some basic principles on what to look for when choosing a auto body shop, as well as tips on how to be an active participant in your car’s repair to ensure that it comes out looking great and costing you no more than your deductible.

Research Before You Repair

Angieslist.com, Yelp.com and Google reviews are useful sources to get a sense of a shop’s quality based on customer reviews, but take the online reviews with a grain of salt. You’ll want to pay attention to well-written, thought-out reviews – not nasty one-liners, since even the best businesses can end up with an unhappy customer from time to time. You may also be able to find discussion forums specific to your vehicle’s make and model where forum members can recommend good shops in your local area.

Choose a Shop with a Warranty

Some auto body shops offer their own independent warranties on their repairs for fit, finish, functionality, and overall quality. Request to see their warranty and ask some questions about it before agreeing to do business with a given shop and make sure it doesn’t have a time limit.”

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