Be Aware of Insurance Company’s Working with Auto Body Shops

Did you recently get in a wreck and you’re in the process of negotiating auto body repairs with your insurance company? When your insurance is throwing ideas at you, here are tips you need to consider when choosing a body shop.

According to an article at autoloss.com, “Auto Body Repairs

“When you’re in a wreck make sure you go to an Appropriate/ Certified Repair Shop — and don’t go to a Direct Repair Facility for the Insurance Company.

Approved Shops or Direct Repair Facilities work for the insurance company not you

Insurance Companies with Repair Shops negotiate a pre-set rate to repair your vehicle. Many times repair shops will do the bare minimum to repair your vehicle so as to keep the insurance companies business. We have noted legitimate Body Shops will not work with a specific Insurance Company due to the mob like tactics the insurance company utilizes against the body shop.

OEM Parts are best

Original-equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts are designed to fit your car perfectly. Insurance Companies prefer to use generic or salvage replacement parts because they’re significantly cheaper. If the accident is your fault, you could be bound by wording in your policy that lets the insurance company use Non- OEM parts. But if accident is someone else’s fault, tell the shop to use only OEM parts. We have also found OEM parts to be safer for you and your vehicle as well.”

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