Auto Body Restoration in Reno

Do you have a love for classic vehicles in Reno? To preserve the value of your vehicle with auto restoration here are tips when finding an auto body shop that can handle the job. 

According to an article at ehow.com, “Want to Restore Your Classic Vehicle?” 

Choose Qualified Body Technicians

  • Choose qualified professional to restore the car to its original luster and value. An amateurish restoration job can result in lost of time and money. Auto body restoration must be done properly so that the vehicle is as close to the original as possible. Try to get a feel for the kind of work the dealer performs. For example, if the company possesses a restoration gallery, review the stages of their work on other automobiles. These observation will give a good idea of what to expect.

    Monitor Restoration Process

  • Monitor the progress of the restoration process. Auto body restoration does not happen overnight. Therefore, visit the shop in order to observe the different stages the vehicle must pass through. The client should request a contract outlining the time and date of each restoration stage, or if this is not possible, request contact at the beginning of each stage. Close observation will give the client a more personal relationship with the auto body technicians and the work being performed.”

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