Auto Body Damage and Vehicle Resale Value in Reno

Are you considering selling your vehicle? Did you know that if your vehicle was in an auto collision with frame damage you could have a financial lose even if the damage was fixed?

According to an article at autoloss.com, “Vehicle Resale Value”

“When a vehicle’s frame has been damaged, it may be fixable, but the financial damage is permanent. Assuming it is accurately documented, a vehicle is valued significantly less due to the stigma to consumers who are in the market for a vehicle.

Another setback related to a frame-damaged vehicle is the likelihood that a car dealership will reject it altogether. We know from firsthand accounts that certified used vehicle programs have strict standards when it comes to a vehicle’s works repair history. For instance, Toyota’s program instructs its used vehicle inspectors to “Check frame to be sure no damage has been done to frame; no non-factory welds; no cracks; not bent; no evidence of flood damage.” If you don’t achieve a certified pre-owned status, you’ve potentially lost thousands in the value of your vehicle. In 2009, CNN Money did a value comparison between used and certified pre-owned vehicles.”

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