A1 Body Shop in Reno Wants You to Be Safe This Winter

With the winter weather in full swing what do you think is one concern that most drivers consider this time of the year? During the winter months drivers need to be more aware of their driving habits due to weather conditions and auto collisions. Here are a few winter auto tips to consider.

According to an article at marksbodyshop.com, “Winter Driving Tips”

“One of the biggest contributing factors to the increase in traffic collisions in the winter season is black ice on the roads. An invisible layer of frost and ice can develop on the surface of a road, showing nothing but a light sparkle on the back tarmac (hence the name black ice). It is very difficult to see and therefor can send your car sliding across the road without a seconds notice. It is vital to reduce your speed on all roads significantly, and only make car journeys if absolutely necessary.

So, with that in mind; let’s look at some ways to make our cars a little more winter-proof.

Cold Weather Tires

Ensuring your tires have an improved grip on the road when the snow starts to fall can play a vital part in enhancing your cars efficiency during the winter season. These tires add many benefits as temperatures drop below 7°C, providing much more traction on frosty and wet roads but also reducing breaking distances significantly. These tires should be the first port of call for any motorists looking to improve handling and reduce chance of skidding and aquaplaning this winter.”

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