A1 Body Shop in Reno can Handle it All

When you take your vehicle in to your local auto body shop in Reno what is your major concern? Are you worried about the auto paint not matching or is it all the damage to the frame that you think is beyond repair? Here are a few concerns that many people have when dropping off the car at the auto body shop.

According to an article at landhautobody.com, “Auto Body Repairs”

“There are 3 major areas of concern that we hear repeatedly from customers here at Auto Body. These are concerns about our ability to get an exact auto body paint match for the damaged areas of the vehicle, concerns about the driveability of the vehicle after the repairs are completed, and concerns about our ability to repair frame damage the vehicle may have suffered in a collision. All of these are legitimate questions that we are confident we can address to the satisfaction of our auto body repair customers.

We use the latest waterborne painting systems for our auto body painting work, which are the same systems that auto manufacturers use in the original factory paint jobs on their cars. We are able to get an exact paint match that is truly spectacular. We can match all kinds of paints, including the pearl essence paints on high-end cars, so that you can’t tell the difference between the original paint and the paint on the repaired surfaces of the car.

We use the most advanced laser alignment machines to ensure that cars with suspension damage are perfectly aligned after we are finished with our repair work. When a car leaves our shop, it will handle as well as, or better than, it did before the accident.

In past years, a car with a bent frame was almost impossible to repair. But, today, our highly trained technicians using our sophisticated repair equipment can repair a damaged car frame so that it exceeds the original specs of some car manufacturers.”

You can be assured that when you drop off your vehicle at A1 Body Shop in the Reno and Sparks area that it will come back in better condition before you dropped it off; for more information visit A1BodyShopRV.com.

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