A1 Body Shop Emergency Auto Safety Tips

A1 Body Shop prides ourselves on customer service and of course we want all of our customers to be safe during the winter months. Here are a few suggestions you may want to consider to keep you safe on the road in the case of a breakdown or a collision in Reno.

According to an article at cars.about.com, “Winter Safety Tips”

“A break down or accidentis bad any time, but worse during harsh winter weather. A few inexpensive items kept in your car during winter months can increase safety and reduce misery. Ideally, your emergency kit should fulfill four priorities: Get help, stay safe, stay warm, and stay occupied.

1. Get help

Roadside assistance: Many new cars include a roadside assistance program which will provide towing if your car breaks down. The American Automobile Association (AAA) and Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) are probably the best-known and most reliable third-party roadside assistance programs.

Mobile phone and car charger: If you don’t have a mobile phone, buy an inexpensive pre-paid unit to keep in your car so you can call for assistance. Make sure you have a car charger; some phones can also be charged from your car’s USB port.

OnStar: An option on many new cars, the OnStar system can get a live operator on the phone with the press of a button, and will automatically summon help if your car’s airbags deploy. OnStar relies on the vehicle electrical system, so carry a cell phone as a backup.

2. Stay safe

Emergency flares and/or hazard triangles: Winter accidents frequently result in damage to your car’s taillights, which means your hazard flashers will not work. In a snowstorm, other cars may not see your car until it’s too late to avoid it. Set out flares or hazard triangles to warn cars and avoid a second collision. In the event the car goes off the road in deep snow, these items can also help emergency services personnel locate you and your car.

First aid kit (compare prices): Bad weather may delay emergency workers, so it’s a good idea to carry a simple first aid kit.

Small LED flashlight: Don’t rely on the vehicle’s electrical system for light — if it’s working, you want to conserve the car’s battery as long as possible. LED flashlights use much less energy than regular incandescent flashlights, making them a great choice for your emergency kit. The Mini Maglite LED is more expensive than many small flashlights (around $18, compare prices), but its rugged construction makes it worth the price.”

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